“Victims of coaching fads”- 30 July 2017.


Q. I am a student of pharmacy, I need advice on this issue which has been bothering me a lot these days. This guy is my classmate, we have had a relationship for a year now, but this April he broke up with me for another girl. I am not sure if I m over him or not, but the main problem is his behaviour and his mood swings. He still continues to be my best friend even after the break up. I really loved him a lot and we did a lot of things together. I am seriously missing him a lot and seeing him with another girl is really irritating and depressing. I am attached to him like no one. I don’t even any other friends other than him. The main issue here is that he takes me for granted, makes me do his work and I happen to actually listen to him. Even after a commitment with his current girl friend he still is attached to me like no one, even all of a sudden kissed me and the next day he got all abusive. He has a mood swing problem since ages, I am completely used to it. He has even slapped me in public, spoken and done everything. Enough for me to end this. But by some miracle I am not able to stop loving him. I know he isn’t right for me. And I need some serious advice on this. Please help me.

Ans. Sometimes it is easy to go along with the situation for your mind may not be ready to lose him completely. Only when the mind rebels totally do you break off like a surgical cut. If you find some benefits in maintaining his friendship then keep him for some more time and if you feel stressed out being with him and feeling used and exploited then throw him out of your life. It is for you to estimate the benefits and losses in maintaining such a fellow in your life. Try making new friends, moving around in a new circle of girls, joining a hobby class and getting involved with things you love doing. Knowing yourself helps you know what you want in terms of pleasure and happiness on a long term basis. Develop yourself and improve yourself. Focus on your own self and people who love you. Do not waste your time being a sucker and loser.


Q. I am a student and just completed BSC by BtBcZ group i.e Biotect, biochem & zoology. I am confused what to do by this group. Please help me..

Ans. This would require a longish discussion with you and your long term goals as well as your likes and dislikes and interest areas. You could pursue in your post graduation any one of the above mentioned subjects which lead to different types of fields of study. All of them are good and interesting but what is important if what you want to do and enjoy doing. A session of career guidance will be helpful.


Q. I am a student of class 12. I am facing some problem in studying as I didn’t get time to study. I go to school and just after coming home goes to tution after half an hour and then reach home at around 8 pm. Due to this my grades are coming down. Please guide me.

Ans. Yes this is a genuine problem. Students seem to be running from school to coaching centres and finding no time for self studies. If you are taking coaching for entrance examinations then you may need it. If you are not preparing for any entrance exams but is focusing only on 12 Std then you might drop out of the coaching totally. Many good students feel competent enough to appear for entrance by self study and do not want extra coaching besides regular school teaching. Take a call on your own competencies and make way for self study. This is most important part of education. To be able to self study and use your own intelligence instead of getting over-tutored by first school and then repeating the whole agenda at coaching centres seems madness to me. It is just a fad created by vested agencies and the whole city of Nagpur seems to have fallen victim to this stupid fad. Be bold and take your own decision.


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